Saturday, May 3, 2014

Puff pastries! Strawberry sandwiches! Carmel-apple handpies!

So, you know how I'm the best at making oatmeal? Well, my sister Michelle is pretty great at making fancy-schmancy food and pastries.

She basically just catered a wedding shower... for our other sister's friend.  She's pretty awesome. 

If you live in the Oklahoma City area and need a small party catered, contact her!  

She's catered wedding showers, baby showers, and romantic dates!  She can cater for anywhere from two to forty people.

Or, you know, one.  If you just want to eat this chocolate-carmel tart by yourself, I won't judge.* 

Michelle Scaperlanda McWay can be reached at  Follow her on instagram: ScapMcWay

Chocolate-Carmel Tart

Strawberry Sandwiches
All of the Food
Salted Carmel Handpies
Rasberries and Crème-Fraiche
Strawberry Sandwich

*I'm talking to you, Mary Scaperlanda.

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