Other Writing

As a freelance writer, I have a diverse range of interest, from event coverage and profiles to feature stories and book reviews, though themes of beauty and art, eating and food, rootedness and community, thread throughout.  My work has appeared in First Things, the Tulsa Voice, Our Sunday Visitor,  altCatholicah, and the Sooner Catholic, among others.

Here are some of my favorites:

Feature Stories
Rooted in the Land, Rooted in the Lord
A Beautiful Life

Personal Essays

Young Adult Columns
Delight in Difference
Answer to Uncertainty
Render Unto God's

Book Reviews and Author Q&A's
Ceremony of Innocence, Political-Thriller, Review
Q&A with author Molly Wizenberg
Q&A with author Dorothy Cummings McLean
Thorny Grace of It Review
God's Gift of Food: Two Reviews
Prayer in the Home
Sinners Guide to NFP
Two Novels

Event Coverage

Contact me at ascapbidd@gmail.com

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