Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baking Soda is NOT baking powder.

For all of my formative years of baking, I correctly distinguished between baking soda and baking powder.  I made delicious cakes, cookies, waffles, and scones, all with the correct leavening agent.

Until Saturday.

Saturday morning, I dreamt of my favorite Apple-Walnut Waffles.  Oh, the nuttiness!  Oh, the light texture!  The bits of apple-sweetness!  A delicious morning treat that managed to keep me full until lunch, even in my nursing-crazed hunger.

All ruined in one swift mistake.


With the baby back asleep, I set to work: crumbling the brown sugar, measuring ingredients- including a slightly greater proportion of wheat flour than originally called for, chopping the apples into the perfect, fine pieces.  With the waffle iron heated, I began scooping the batter, multi-tasking by doing the dishes while the waffles cooked through.

And then I had the foresight to taste-test.

Bitingly bitter.

At first I thought it was the added wheat flour, so I attempted to counter-act this by adding more honey, but to no avail.

I drowned two waffles in syrup, choked them down, and realized what my mistake must have been.

Seventeen waffles, including two apples and the last of my wheat germ, wasted.
Thirty baby-free minutes, wasted.

Until next time, apple-walnut waffles.  Until next time.

UPDATE: My sweet husband would like it known that he ate more than a few of these disgusting waffles.  Because he loves me.

And he doesn't waste food.

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