Thursday, December 18, 2014

When You're a Grown Up

Or should be, but it's just not very clear what that even means.

I wrote about it, here and here (in that column thing I do).

"A year after graduating from college, I found myself at daily mass with a friend my age and her newborn baby.  An older woman, heart-warmed by the sight of a beautiful young mother with her child, came up to us as we were leaving to tell my friend how happy she was to see a young woman living out her vocation."

And, just for good measure, here's this old piece on the same subject.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ever get lured in by the shiny pots or silk camis, even though you think you're immune to that thing called consumerism? 

Well, me too!  And I wrote about it, again (remember when I told you I had new column?  Yeah, that's still going on.)

Temptation takes many forms.

"Shut in from our daily walk by the rain and cold, my baby daughter and I took to the only place I knew of large enough to stretch my legs: the mall.  No frequent shopper, I thought of myself as immune to the lures of new clothes, cookware, and technology on display, but our indoor jaunt proved otherwise.  Cozy cable-knit sweaters, beautiful enameled cast iron pots, top-quality digital cameras, and flowing mid-length skirts called out to me."

Read the rest here.