Friday, July 31, 2015


            When I was a single adult, the loneliness didn’t come on Valentine’s Day, when I showed up alone to a wedding, or when I saw an engagement on Facebook.  But, like for most single people, it was still a presence in my life.  For me, it came while walking through a neighborhood, houses full of families, or when trying to make a major decision about my life, realizing the outcome affected me much more than anyone else. 
            Following Monsignor Luigi Giussani’s instructions in his book The Religious Sense, I used my emotions as “binoculars” to look more closely at my life. Giussani, founder of the ecclesial lay movement Communion and Liberation, wrote, “Let us imagine feeling as a kind of lens; the object is carried closer to a person’s cognitive energy by this lens so that reason can know it more easily and securely.”

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