Thursday, May 8, 2014

My friend Meg.

My friend Meg travels around the country speaking to youth groups and college centers*.  She passes through Oklahoma every few months, and we like to see her and make her dinner.

She writes a blog, where she writes things and prefaces them, "Another piece written entirely from theory and not at all from experience."  A necessary preface, often absent from other philosophical ponderings.

She graduated an elite university early, got a perfect (??) GRE score, then went on to graduate school before many of her classmates finished undergrad.

But I want to talk about another, lesser known skill of Meg's.  Even those who know Meg well may, perhaps, be unaware of her brilliance as a cheerleader.

Meg, on her last Oklahoma visit
Meg was in town during the marathon.  My brother and sister-in-law's house sits along the marathon route, so we enjoyed the lovely weather on their porch as we cheered on the runners- and, later, the walkers.

No one cheered quite like Meg.  Both her volume and her brilliance went unmatched.  

Upon seeing a woman in a purple Vikings t-shirt struggling to finish, Meg called out, "You can do it!  The Vikings love you!  You are beating Green Bay!"

To others, she reminded them of the food awaiting them at the finish.
Her most frequent cheer, however, was "America loves you," seconded only by the message of her talks, but stated in an entirely different manner, "Jesus loves you."

Well, Meg, Jesus and America love you.  Especially Captain America.
Isn't she lovely?
Three cheers for Meg!

*From what she says, she's really good at it.


  1. I think we need Meg here for every single OKC marathon!

  2. I think Meg would love being in OKC for every single OKC marathon! She really embraces her gift of being loud and encouraging. And I don't say that to belittle her. I think it's very cool! (Oh, and I should note that I'm here from Meg's blog. And that I'm her mom.)