Monday, April 28, 2014


Where people pay $80 so they'll close off the streets for a group run. *

Captain America near the end of the half-ers.

*One of the least favorite things of my sister Michelle^ is when someone takes her joke and says it louder.  Then everyone thinks that person (our other sister!) is the funny one and Michelle's comic brilliance is left unknown.

In the interest of full-disclosure-- and maintaining a good relationship with my sister: she said the above.

^Footnote to a footnote: Michelle ran the half marathon, along with my dad and my sister-in-law.  Michelle was quite proud of placing 334th** out of 1034 for her age group.

**Footnote to a footnote to a footnote: Michelle just informed me she finished 299th.  Significantly better as she placed in the two-hundreds.

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