Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adventures in Baby-wearing

Walking around town wearing a baby may elicit a number of reactions.  The kind landscaper at Oklahoma City University pauses and nods as we walk past, preventing the grass from flying in our faces.  Many students and professors glance and smile at us, often greeting us with a cordial, "Good morning." 

Others, however, have different reactions:

"I'm going to get one of those when I have my chocolate boy."
- lady at the Social Security office

"I need to get my one of those for my dog."
-check-out lady at Wal-greens, referring to the Ergo (not the baby or what I was buying; I clarified)

The baby chewing on the Ergo as we walk.
"You're looking good. You're looking real good for having a baby.  You got a boyfriend?"
 - man driving down the street

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