Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big League City: please don't out-cool me.

So, did you see that piece in the NY Times about Oklahoma City?  How everyone is moving here because it's affordable, you can buy a house, etc?

Yeah, I hated that.

On my way to Braum's.
Super cool apartments.
Looks like Dwell.
If too many people do that, it won't be true.

This will happen instead.

At the Myriad garden's
Yeah, I love the myriad garden's renovations as much as the next person.

But, for real, don't get too cool, OKC.  I love you the way you are.

Myriad Garden's
Ramshackle paths and all.

Also Gatewood.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Green-eyed Monster/New Column

Green-eyed monster keeping you from enjoying the blessings in your own life?  Check out my take here- it's my first young adult column.

Classic Oklahoma Sunset
(just beause it's pretty)

And then fuel that giant ogre with my sister's food + fashion + travel blog.  Hey, you can learn to make some of that fabulous food of hers.  Mmmm, Beignet's!

And someday soon, if I ever emerge from August, I'll tell you the story of a Nashville wedding.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Past Month


This happened.

And worked: all five babies slept.  

Beach Trip '14!  Woo-hoo!

2. German Catan. 

Notice: Germans assume a basic understanding of probability.

And, yes, I won. 

But I may or may not have played against kids who didn't remember all the rules.  So.  You know.

3. These books are great.  And I'm already looking forward to this one.*

(And as is this one, only I haven't reviewed it.  

I just read it on the beach.  

Light enough for beach reading, good enough for couch reading.)

4. Food.  For the babe.  

That's happening, big time.


As is crawling.  

5. My family likes to pretend we're on TV.

and hang out at the beach
Yes, that's the father of my child.
And, yes, that's during beach karoke.
Thanks, Rachel and Chad, for a whole new world.

6. My husband's family gathered at the lake.

7. Some day soon, we're moving.

*Yes, I'm shamelessly sharing my recent published pieces.