Monday, May 19, 2014

Links! Or nostalgia. I don't know.

Comic Book Heroes and the author of the best book on education I have ever read (or, Hollywood actors holding signs for an obscure Catholic intellectual)

My friend Maddy on the book, The Mistakes I Made At Work

Apparently I failed as a bride: I didn't get a spray tan, I didn't hire a trainer or even change my eating and exercise habits in the months prior to being wed (I just continued to eat healthy and walk... though I did pay extra attention to tan lines when I was out of doors)

And while I did have my lovely haircutter (is that the right word??) try out the 'do she'd do for the big day, that was all.  We didn't even try alternate styles.


But I still looked awesome.  My postpartum self is jealous of my past self's good looks. 

My husband picked out the BEST flowers for my bouquet, right?

And my haircutter (again, word??) attended the wedding and worked her hair magic in between ceremony and reception so I had TWO fab styles that day

Sorry, men, for the unexpected, girlie wedding post.

Don't know where it came from, but it won't be back for awhile.  You're safe to return.  

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