Thursday, May 22, 2014

Overheard, over coffee and cupcakes

Conversation between two girls at the coffee shop:

Blue shirt girl: Yeah, so when we were hanging out, he was like, I had a nice time, and I was like, me too, and he said, let's do it again, and I said, yeah, okay, but I just thought we were just hanging out, and then he texted me and wanted to get coffee!

Black tank top girl: Yeah, you were just being friendly, and he thought...

BSG: Yeah, he thought I was into him!  He, like, wanted to get coffee!

BTTG: Ooooh, noooo!

BSG: So I said I had a lot of school work and stuff, and that was true, and that I already had plans, and that was true, too, but then a few days later he asked again.  

BTTG: Ugh, that is terrible.

BSG: And then the next time he texted me, I was already getting coffee with another guy!

BTTG: Super uncomfortable

BSG: Yeah, I know.  And then I saw him, and he was there, so I was like, hey Trevor, and he was really short with me.

BTTG: He took a hint.  That is respectable.

BSG: Yeah, he took a hint real good.  It's super respectable.  But it was, like, really uncomfortable.

BTTG: Yeah, totally.  It's not like that guy that just showed up with Matt when we were all hanging out and then asked for my number.  The guys were like, he's really cool, but I was like, CREEPY.

BSG: Yeah.  Umm, no.

So, not to get all Seraphic Single on everyone, but, a guy asking you out is not a tragedy.

Or a marriage proposal.

It is called coffee, and it lasts about an hour.  I know, I know, huge deal.

A guy showing up to a group hang, possibly to see you, and then ask for your number, is not creepy. How else is he supposed to figure out if he's into you? Or see if you're into him? Or date ANYONE, ever?

 If you liked him, you would love it.

A tree, because they make babies zen.  Maybe it'll make me, zen, too, instead of getting unreasonably angry at these girls I don't even know.  They are just, like, being intentional and everything.  

UPDATE for single men: most women are NOT like this.  Coffee is not a big deal.  Ask a girl out if you might be interested.  If she responds like this, you don't want her anyway, no matter how cute she is (and, yes, these girls were cute)

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  1. you crack me up!! I would be too busy laughing to remember so many awesome details :-)