Friday, June 27, 2014

Pardon Me While I Pretend I'm a Food Blogger

At least with the pictures.

If you want recipes, it will have to be by request.

I guess I just want to show off the beautiful food I make.*

Maybe this is why people have Instagram.  

Do people Instagram food pics, bragging about their pretty (and delicious) food?  Or is it only their children and adventures they brag about?  

Or maybe it's funny things.  I could get into that.

Other people's food pics, though: not for me.

So I'll understand if my food pics aren't for you.

Without further ado:

Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches!  Oh, we need to have those again, stat.
Polenta with White Bean and Roasted Red Pepper Ragout
Dutch baby cake (topped it with fresh fruit and powdered sugar, shared it with my love; well, the one that can eat, not the baby love)

Red, White, and Blue Sheet Cake; yes, that's fruit in there, so it's super healthy
*Lest I fill you with jealousy, not everything we eat looks like its from a magazine.  Nope.  Wednesday night, I realized my husband would need to take dinner with him to work in the morning, so I threw chicken breasts, chicken broth, whole potatoes, rice, celery, carrots, and chickpeas in the crockpot.  

True story.  

And it would have been good, too, if I just omitted the chickpeas.  They just made it weird.

Except, according to my husband as I write this post, even though he has no idea what I'm doing on the computer (for all he knows, I'm looking at clothes we can't afford), I could have put in more chickpeas.  

Well, you live and you learn.

What, exactly, I learned regarding the presence of chickpeas in thrown-together, made-up crockpot meals is still up for debate.


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    1. Well, when you come watch my daughter while we move ;), I'll feed you some of this yummy food!