Thursday, April 24, 2014

Babies Don't Know How To Do Anything

Like most people, I was long aware that humans have to learn to walk and talk, tie their shoes, and read.  I knew that, were I ever to be come a mother, I would have to teach my children these things, along with how to be nice and play well with others.

Gradually, as my friends had kids, I learned that babies have to learn even more than this: how to crawl, sit up, and roll over.  Parents assist their children in these things, celebrating each miniscule milestone in their babies' development.

It wasn't until I had my own baby, however, that I realized babies don't know how to do anything.  Though most of what they do when they come out is eat, sleep, and poop, we have to help them even with those things.  Yes,we have to teach them everything: how to go to sleep, stay asleep, and sleep in their cribs; how to eat; how to be held-- and, perhaps most importantly, that we are there for them, to comfort and provide for them.

It's true: our vocation as parents is inextricably linked to that of teachers.  We are called to aid our children in coming to know reality in all its glorious aspects.

I mean, sometimes they even need help farting.

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