Friday, April 25, 2014

Have a Happy Spring Weekend!

It's the weekend!  Time to make pancakes, go to the farmer's market, and keep teaching my baby how to roll back over to her back- too much tummy time for her!

Here's some informative, interesting, or fun links:

How to support a friend through a miscarriage and make a delicious nutritious lunch from Verily

When Cities Work

Caramel Sauce!  Yum!

Lie Detection and Intuition Apparently we can tell when someone's lying subconsciously much better than consciously.  Have you experienced this?

Young Families  Or, why we are fascinated with Will and Kate. Do you think this is true?  (Are you even fascinated by Will, Kate, and their little babe?)

Sleep! It's important!  (I wish I was getting more)

 Have a great weekend!

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