Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Interwebs

Sometimes it seems like the internet is either: a. “just a bunch of cat pictures or something,” (as my friend Anna says) or b. a big fight.*

 So, when I’m nursing a baby and surfing the web, it can be really discouraging when it seems like everything out there is designs to make the reader angry, either at the writer or with the writer, at something else.  

It’s even more discouraging when a piece written by a mommy blogger, intended to encourage new moms to relax, enjoy their baby, use their instincts and common sense about safety instead of stressing all the time, is ferociously attacked.

Or when people de-friend each other over differing political opinions.

This was the most discouraging thing about yesterday's discussion; many, many people stated proudly that the now knew who they "have nothing in common with" so purged them from Facebook.

Yes, we may have profound disagreements over things like the purpose of medicine, but that does not mean we have nothing in common.  We have a shared humanity, generally, plus lots of specific things in common with specific people.

So, in honor of yesterday's big fight, here are a few positive forces on the internet, from the lighthearted and funny to the inspiring and insightful.  So, if you: a. have lots of time to waste or b. are nursing a baby who won’t let you read a book but will let you read your phone,** here’s some sites to check out, from Serious Thinkers to outfit and food inspiration to actually good mommy bloggers:

The Faux Martha: Pretty pics, yummy recipes, and a good dose of keepin’ it real.  Only problem is her enthusiasm for Nutella.  And that's only a problem because Nutella is a little too delicious.

Orangette: Probably everyone reads this.  She’s, like, the best food blogger in the world.  Or so the London Times thinks.  Haven't read enough food blogs to know, but she's really good. I interviewed her about her new book here.

In Honor of Design: Lovely photographer, positive tone, and beautiful clothing that inspires me to actually get dressed even when I don’t really leave the house

Personalist Project: really smart people talking about personalist philosophy as relates to daily life- or, how to demonstrate the value of the human person in our everyday actions

Catholic Catalogue: Beautiful project aimed at anyone who is looking to live a more meaningful life, with small practices to start alongside book, movie, and music recommendations

Fike Life: Hilarious mommy blog.  (Don’t read it if you’re offended by an attentive mom who uses her common sense more than expert advice.) 

But, really. 

I thought mom blogs were a. opinions on the Best Way to Mother or b. 3000-word reflections on a small event in daily life that provided some piece of insight to the writer and is of interest only to those who know her and even then it reminds me of why print is not and should not die…. Editors… yes, editors are really good… no, great. 

I think I need one right now.

Anyway, Blythe Fike provided me wrong.  Mommy blogs can be comical retellings of little events, mixed with humble insight into the whole parenthood thing.

Verily: their tagline “Less of who you should be, more of who you are,” says it all; a different way to do a women's magazine, online.

The Billfold: subtitled “Everything you always wanted to know about money but were too polite to ask.”  Yes, I do wonder about how other people spend and save and earn their money.  I’m only a little ashamed to admit it.  Plus: a. I like their humourous style and b. I feel really good about how much I earn freelancing… and really bad about how little other people are willing to accept for what they write.

Any website recs from you, reader?

My real reading favorites.

*I mean, it was actually a (successful) career plan for some late-twenties guy to start a blog in which step one is to right “true” things that utterly lack compassion in tone and self-admitted actions (like leaving the grocery store mad at someone you disagree with) and then get upset because people think you don’t like them, when it’s really their actions you don’t like.

Yup.  And then, like, 10,000 people “like” the post about the distinction between not liking someone’s actions and not liking the person, because that is a real distinction… if you act that way.

**If c. you’re just looking for something new to read, I recommend a book.  Try: War and Peace, Father Brown stories (for all you mystery-lovers out there), Peace Like a River, Anne of Green Gables, Ceremony of Innocence, Tobit’s Dog, Pride and Prejudice, etc, etc.  This is just what I came up with off the top of my head; book suggestions are endless.  Feel free to leave more in the comments.

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