Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sometimes leaving with something is worse than leaving with nothing

A few weeks ago, my friend Abby, the baby, and I went to Wal-Mart with one purpose: ear piercing.

After wandering (and wondering) around, trying to find the jewelry department and getting distracted by all the STUFF (as usual) we were told that we would have to return later.

The jewelry department couldn't ear pierce then.

Shopping our local Walmart
(bag courtesy of Holiday Pop-Up Shops, press packet)
Well.  Fail #1.

Since every trip outside the house with a small baby is often an epic journey, I decided not to waste the Walmart outing.  We would finally, finally get a second car key to my husband's HHR.

More wandering around, trying not to get absorbed in all the little baskets or mason jars, to find the place that makes duplicate keys.

The automotive department.  Not where I expected.

We wait in line.  I hand the lady the key; she rummages through the keys on the counter to try to find one that will work.  No luck.  She turns to a box with the fancier keys, behind her.  No match.

Fail #2.

Luckless in two noble pursuits, we decide to get fancy chocolate.  We find the aisle easily and each pick our own bars.

Mmmm, Ghiradelli!  Mmmm, dark chocolate with sea salt caramel.

Fail #3.

Time to check out brought us to terribly long lines in at all the cashiered registers.  Two options were left: wait at least ten minutes or (further) compromise our morals by using the automated registers that replace an employment opportunity with a machine.

As you can see from the above photo, we chose the latter.

Walmart 4, Us 0.

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