Thursday, October 8, 2015


            When I first held my daughter, I was overwhelmed with the awe and gratitude common to new mothers. Who was this tiny person that was given to me to love? Where did she come from, and what will she become? Will her blue eyes stay blue? Will she be a reader, an athlete, a kind friend?
            This profound sense of wonder, which we experience at the birth of a child, paradoxically brings us back to our own childhood, when our experience of the world is illuminated by the miracle of existence. We see this amazement as the child grows: her whole body enlivens at backyard rabbits, the long, soft branches of a willow tree, and a visit from her grandfather. The child’s way of relating to the whole world differs greatly from the adult’s; it is imbued with wonder and awe, aware of the whole world as a gift.

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