Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ever get lured in by the shiny pots or silk camis, even though you think you're immune to that thing called consumerism? 

Well, me too!  And I wrote about it, again (remember when I told you I had new column?  Yeah, that's still going on.)

Temptation takes many forms.

"Shut in from our daily walk by the rain and cold, my baby daughter and I took to the only place I knew of large enough to stretch my legs: the mall.  No frequent shopper, I thought of myself as immune to the lures of new clothes, cookware, and technology on display, but our indoor jaunt proved otherwise.  Cozy cable-knit sweaters, beautiful enameled cast iron pots, top-quality digital cameras, and flowing mid-length skirts called out to me."

Read the rest here.  

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