Sunday, October 12, 2014


So, we went to my husband's college friend's wedding in Nashville back in August.

It was the most effort I have ever expended to get anywhere.

We left by 7 on Friday morning, assuming we'd arrive at Samary Plantation by 7 for dinner.  A 10 hr 45 min drive, and we had just over 12 hours to make it in.


Or, not.

View from the road, while it was still going smoothly
We were happy if a little bored in the car, the baby sleeping in the back, us trying to keep quiet in the front.

Then we'd play with her on the back for awhile, stop, nurse, change diaper, eat food, repeat.

Shout out to my old AR camping days
Until Little Rock.

We got off the highway to stop for lunch.

Idling at a stoplight, our car... stopped working.

Travis took car of the tow truck, etc, while I kept stayed with the baby.

Keeping the baby happy by looking out over Little Rock

The verdict from the car place: the fuel pump was out.  They could fix it in the morning.

Thankfully, Travis's friends from growing up live in Benton, a suburb of Little Rock.  They took fantastic care of us, even providing a crib.

Hangin' at the Car Dealership
And offered a car to borrow!  We were set to go in the car, but had to go by to get our clothes to wear to the wedding first.  While there, they said our car was done.  

Still on track, and in our own car.  Back in our car by 10:30, plenty of time to get to Nashville by 5.

Until: a. construction in the middle of nowhere

and b. a violent storm

Aftermath of the storm
driving into the plantation
We missed the actual ceremony (which apparently included lightening in the background) but were able to make it for a perfect Southern Living reception (and I say that with the upmost respect).

A menu full of fresh summer veggies followed by square dancing.

The next morning
We partied late while the baby slept in a house on the property (yay baby monitors), slept a little, met the happy couple for coffee on the porch in the morning

view from the porch

stopped by Franklin, TN for mass (where there were semi-traffic jams on a Sunday morning), and hit the road.


Congrats, Jess and Gordon!  

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